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Not Cleared for Take-Off

The stairs

I led with the left leg and foot, pushed down on the cane from my right side, then I raised my right leg and foot to the next step.  Using my left arm and hand on the stair railing, in addition to the cane, I generated the forward momentum to move up to the next step.

Going down those same stairs seemed to change each time I do it, so when I took the steps back down, I wasn’t sure what to do Monday or yesterday.  My arms spanned the stairwell with both railings and I lifted my body up to swing my legs out to touch the stairs all the way down.

In this down the stairs process Monday, my legs were much wobblier than they were last Friday.  Yesterday, I tried not to bend my knees much when I swung them out so that I couldn’t see the wobbliness that is the clonus symptom of my PLS.

Today makes 21 days since my baclofen pump was removed.  It makes nearly 30 since I have had any baclofen going into my spinal canal.  It has been 20 days since I have been on my exercise bike and 21 since I have been in the pool.

Today was going to be the day I got back into the pool, but it seems I did too much this week and my incisions aren’t looking as great as they were.  Yesterday I went from feeling really good and not having a burning torso or incision pain, to having more incision pain than a pain pill could ease.

I am fascinated by the shift and am not sure exactly what made the incision look like they are not fully closed under the almost all the way off steri-strips.  It feels like they ripped, but I was just lying on the floor talking on the phone when it started.

Of course, I did a lot before that yesterday, the day before, etc.  I didn’t really have any pain while I did any of it.  I felt sore at the end of each day, but it wasn’t quite like it was yesterday.

I get the message.  I overdid it. I really was feeling so much better that I was ready to take off and fly somewhere.  I am reeling it back in today that is for sure.


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  1. OK, it had some physical consequences, but did it feel psychologically good to push like that? That’s worth a lot … when balanced appropriately.


    • I was feeling really good, so I am not sure I even realized I was pushing the limit. Yes, it all felt good at the time, although not so much last night or today because it has had to make me slow back down again. Psychologically, that was incredibly frustrating for me! Hugs David!


      • It is frustrating to reach a limit, but, from afar and with no true knowledge of how you feel, I propose feeling proud that you did reach that limit, coupled with the knowledge that that limit will move further away, as you recover, and you’ll reach it even then.


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