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Sum It Up Sunday #14

sum up 14

It is almost fun for me to read through my week of blogs to try to create the catch up post for Sundays.  I can tell by the tone of my writing how the day was and how I tried to shift my perspective if something negative was involved.

Week three of my surgery recovery had an awesome beginning.  Duke and I did great work both Monday and Wednesday at the Homeless Emergency Project (HEP), my torso burning was only intermittent through the days, and my incision pain had improved greatly.  I was focusing on what inspires me, comforts me and sending love to my pain early in the week.

I was feeling so good that Wednesday after HEP, the cutest baby in all the land came over while her mom used my printer.  I picked her up without really a second thought.  She was there, she is adorable and I picked her up.  It didn’t hurt at the time, but within an hour after they left, I was miserable.

Prior to that, I was testing my limits taking stairs, walking through grocery stores, trying out the elliptical machine to see if my legs could do it, and various other things.  All of that plus picking up a twenty pound baby made for a challenging rest of the week.

As I rested the next couple of days and began to feel better, I had a lot of time to pay attention to the thoughts and feelings I have attached to pain.  They aren’t positive and I need to work on processing those as they come up, so that I can let them go.  They contribute to the pain level and honestly they contribute to how well I manage pain.

I had to postpone  the pool for a week because the incisions need a bit more time, but I did slowly ride my stationary bike on Friday for 15 minutes.  It does put pressure on the abdominal incisions because I have to use my whole body to make those pedals go, so I may not be quite ready for too much of that yet.

Saturday was the day I picked to see if I could drive a car safely.  I was reluctant to do it any sooner because I didn’t want to know either way just yet.  I can drive!  It isn’t very comfortable to drive with the back and front incisions, but my right leg was able to brake and press on the gas without excessive shaking.

All in all, the week was great in spite of the hiccups I created.  Those limits I tested gave me some great information (always a lesson) about where I am in recovery.  I am not ready to walk my own dogs every day, I am not ready to pick up babies or do much that requires my torso.

I am able to drive, do my own laundry (slowly), change my own sheets (differently than I usually do), walk around an entire grocery store with the buggy, go watch my little brother play high school hockey (he is a rock star), take the stairs and walk around HEP with a cane.  Not too shabby three weeks after surgery if you ask me.


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  1. It’s amazing what kinds of emotional baggage pain brings along. There’s the pain itself, fear of pain, resentment of the limits of pain, depression at the size of the prior items on the list.

    Keep at it! You’re winning!


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