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In the absence of pain…

The amount of energy, brain power and overall positive perspective I have when there is only a little bit of pain is crazy amazing.  I imagine this has to be what I used to feel like, but it has been so long that I can hardly recall.  Pain has been my normal and I almost am at a loss how to handle not having any just yet.

My incisions have almost recovered from my overdoing it from last week, so I start my week feeling pretty good.  When I have had the burning torso within the last several days, it has been intermittent, and hasn’t lasted the full day like it has been since it returned post-op.

In the absence of pain, I have to be careful not to repeat my error of week three of recovery from surgery.

What lies beneath the slightly painful incision sites is a lot of stuff that still needs more time to heal.  I know that.  I knew that last week.  This week, I have to really watch myself on days that I feel so good that I think I can doing anything.

I can’t.  I will want to.  I will be frustrated by it.  I would much rather be frustrated by feeling good than being in pain from overdoing it if given the option, however.

My focus this week will be saying no to things that I know I will want to say yes to doing.  I will be including a bit more leg exercise, but just a little because it seems my legs still need my abdominal area and lower back to help them along.

Anything else that is outside of what I have been able to do without hurting myself is off the table for at least a few more weeks.

It is temporary.  And usually when things are temporary, I can keep them in perspective.  I underestimated the difference in how amazing the absence of pain can feel, so I am going to have to use extra energy to make myself be patient.

I can be patient with the process, even though being patient has always been a challenge for me.


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