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Talk about a snag…

Talk about a snag

When the doctor removed my intrathecal pump, he stitched under the skin in an effort to minimize scarring.  On top of that, he put these steri-strips and I was told to let those fall off on their own for cosmetic purposes.

I didn’t ask for any of that because two large scars on either side of my belly button will still be there either way.

Besides that, I have walked around with a titanium bulge in my abdomen since 2007, so I didn’t really care anymore about that.

When the first steri-strip came off on its own on the left side of my stomach’s incision, Mr. Awesome and I noticed there was a suture sticking out.  I called, talked to the nurse.  She said she would talk to the doctor and call me back.  No call back, so I presumed there was nothing to be concerned about.

Yesterday, I drove myself to see my primary care doctor for a regular checkup, and he removed the other steri-strips.  He asked if I wanted him to and I said yes because I wasn’t pulling them off.  I was afraid there would be more sutures sticking out.

Since overdoing it last week, there has been a pulling (at first a ripping) sensation that is very uncomfortable with all three of the incision sites.  It was more the front two incisions than the back one. I just figured it was skin tightening and healing, although it all just felt icky to me.

Turns out, that sensation is the sutures pulling as some are under the skin, and some are over the skin—all connected.  My primary wouldn’t do anything with them because he doesn’t know what kind of stitching the other doctor used and directed me back to the doctor’s office.

I didn’t want to and told him as much.  I hoped to be finished with the whole pain management scene once I was released.

After several phone conversations with medical assistants and schedulers, I was given an appointment for a week from yesterday.  Seriously, I have to wait a week because they need insurance authorization before I can go in to see them.

My primary care doctor said to keep them covered when I am out an about so they don’t snag on anything.  He said it shouldn’t hurt them to do my pool stuff.

Meanwhile, I had been feeling the same sort of tugging on my back incision, which looks the best of all of them.  All of the steri-strips fell off on their own back there first and there were only two scabs—one at the top and one at the bottom of the incision.  The top scab came off, and guess what I felt back there?

A suture sticking out.  Yes, another one.  Are you kidding me?  I covered it with a band-aid and went about grading my students’ assignments.

I am going on with my rehabilitation plan while I await insurance authorization to see the doctor.  Talk about a snag.


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  1. Crazy stuff! People are not supposed to be turned inside out. Clothes in the washer, maybe. People? No.


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