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Amore’s Heart

There is going to be a delay for the weekly catch up post because last night, all I could think about was my dog Amore.

Yesterday morning, he couldn’t get up, refused food, and was clearly not ok.  Luckily, this was the Saturday my veterinarian was in the office.  I wouldn’t have been able to lift the 80 some pound love myself just four weeks out of surgery, so I called in the cavalry.

Since it was early on a Saturday, I started with who I knew was close and who was up.  There would need to be at least two other people, and it just so happens that the first two on my list are two of Amore’s favorite people.

Amore's HeartSurely, this will make him try to get up, I thought.  It didn’t.  We weren’t sure what to do, so Mr. Awesome took Duke for a walk while Marilyn and I problem solved.  We were so upset by the situation that we had no problem-solving skills, so we called the vet office back for some help.

I am not sure the image of my old pink electric blanket being used as a make-shift stretcher to get Amore out of the house and into the truck, will fade anytime soon.  Once we were waiting at the vet—me, Duke, Marilyn, Dan and Amore—we were all feeling a little better.

Duke seemed to understand that this was about Amore, so he lay next to me as I sat on the blanket with Amore.  The vet was double-booked all morning, so we knew we would be waiting.

The initial theory was another vascular tumor was rupturing in his lungs or heart, so a chest x-ray and ultrasound was done after ruling out other potential causes of such a rapid decline.

He wasn’t dehydrated, wasn’t anemic, and his abdomen felt good.  I sat with Duke across the hall from the ultrasound while the vet and vet techs were looking.  It seemed like it took a while before the vet said he figured out what was wrong.

The dog named Love has a  heart that is failing.  It isn’t pumping much at all—really not much as I watched it on the ultrasound.  This is likely all related to the type of cancer he has and the vet said that he probably threw a clot from a tumor that is somewhere in his body causing a heart attack that created all of it.

There is a very expensive drug that might help his heart to pump better and get is blood pressure up, so we are trying that through Monday.   The cavalry is on call for the rest of the weekend should Amore not be able to get from one place to another.  I had to promise not to try to move him myself.

Amore ProgressHe’s eaten lying down, but eating is progress.  He has gotten up twice since we have been home from the vet and while still very wobbly, he made it back from outside on his own.  I am waiting for him to wag and smile.

He’s been in need of his momma near him, and quite frankly I haven’t wanted to not be right next to him at all either.

I wasn’t sure he was getting to come home from the vet, so I have been next to him.  Even writing this, he is just a few inches away.

I will try to remember my week and catch you up on that for tomorrow’s post.


Comments on: "Amore’s Heart" (1)

  1. Holly Smith said:

    Tell More’ that Aunt Holly loves him very much. I’m sending well wishes and love to the whole house.


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