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My Achilles’ Heel


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Following up yesterday’s insightful post with an Achilles’ heel issue almost makes me laugh out loud.  My figurative Achilles’ heel now shifts to my actual Achilles’ heel discussion.

For a couple of months, I have had a pain in my right heel.  Compared to other issues, it has been minor, so I haven’t mentioned it.

When I saw my primary care doctor Tuesday, I brought it up because it seemed to be getting worse since the surgery.

I thought it might be a heel spur or something because the pain was very localized to a spot on the right side of my heel.

The Achilles’ tendon is really a merging of several muscles from the calf.  I learned that when I was isolating which calf muscles to stretch and work on when we first started decreasing the intrathecal baclofen doses.

I noticed it went from only hurting when that part of my heel touched my shoe or the floor or my other foot, to hurting after I had walked around.

Since the surgery to remove the baclofen pump, I have been walking more with the cane around HEP’s campus and everywhere else because I wasn’t able to do my other rehab exercises.

After sharing all this with my doctor, he felt around on my foot.  He suspects it is an Achilles’ tendon issue rather than a heel spur.  The timing of noticing it coincided with increased spasticity in my calves, so it makes sense.  The problem is more the tightness in my calf muscles connecting to it than the tendon itself, but the tightness is irritating the tendon just the same.

Since my incisions are still sore because the suture issue is not resolved yet, I am really not able to do the exercises I was doing to help ease the tight calf muscles just yet.  A heating pad to my calf helped ease the pain after walking all over HEP Wednesday and my legs in the water (particularly in the hot tub) helped it Thursday.

The exercise bike would be helpful if I could do it.  I cannot do my stretching without having a warm up of some kind beforehand and the bike used to serve as that.

Surely, in the week ahead, my incision areas will be less tender, the incision/suture issues will be resolved and I can get back to rehabbing the illness before more problems from the symptoms catch up to me.


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