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Amore Progress Update

doggie bffsMy brain still really cannot recall much before Amore’s heart issue became acute Saturday morning, so I will have to catch you up on me next time.

For now, I want to catch you up on my love dog and thank you for sending your love, healing thoughts and good juju to him.

He is responding to the medication, and as of his dinner last night, was able to eat standing up at his bowl.  He tried to do a little trot in the yard, but tripped because his legs are still weak.  The fact that he felt like taking a little trot tells me that he is not done yet.

He had visitors from his BFF dog Zeke and a few of his other favorite human people yesterday and got up to greet each one with a wag.  He was sad when he didn’t get to go for a walk yesterday morning, which broke my heart, but seemed to gain energy and stamina as the day wore on.

With a heart that is not contracting much at all, he is not likely to have much more stamina or energy than he has right now, although I am not ruling out more improvement.  I am also not ruling out the possibility of other issues arising from his cancer or orthopedic issues cropping up in the days or weeks to come.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that the medication is expensive.  I was able to find it at a relatively affordable price, so if this is what is going to help his heart pump to keep him happy day-to-day, then this is what we will do.

Saturday night, I told Amore’ that Duke and I would be ok with whatever he felt was what he needed.  If he was tired and done with this life, we would be very sad, but we would be ok.  I do not want him to get the idea that he should hang on for me if he is ready to go.  Then I asked for a wag from him at any point on Sunday.

Stepping away from the emotional part of having a senior dog with multiple medical issues has been a challenge for me.

I was able to decide yesterday that doing the medication a week at a time or even two weeks at a time may give me a better idea of the quality of life questions I have.  It is even quite possible that he is having a rebound before another crash.  I am practical and aware, but still generally hopeful that this will give us more quality time.

For now, however, he is appearing happy, comfortable, can take himself out to potty, and can eat at his own dog bowl.  That is quite a shift from Saturday morning when he wouldn’t eat and couldn’t stand up because he was so weak.

If this is his new normal, then he can have a quality of life for as long as his heart can beat, his legs hold him up to go potty, and he doesn’t have another tumor hemorrhage.Brighter Eyes


Comments on: "Amore Progress Update" (2)

  1. so touching. let there be healing in his body and soul for the longest time possible.


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