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Sunday Sum Up #15

Sum Up #15

It has been two weeks since I have been able to create a catch up post, which means I could have a lot of ground to cover.  Except that I really don’t.  Except maybe that I am not a clown.

My most recent week involved a great deal of energy and emotion over my dog Amore’s heart failure.  He is technically in heart failure, but you cannot tell him that.  He is on a medication every twelve hours that makes his heart contract more, and is acting just like he was before his condition became acute last Saturday.

He has certainly been through a lot since I started blogging every day, and I appreciate your interest in how he is doing.  We feel the love you send and he is doing really well, all things considered.

His brother Duke has been happy about that and rocking it like he always does at the Homeless Emergency Project.  In their senior years, they continue to teach me so much about dealing with illness and adapting to changing circumstances.

In the past two weeks, I have also ventured out into crowds and to a social event with the cane.  While I am having some trouble with my arm and hand, I didn’t seem that worse for the wear after these adventures.  More tired and more ouchy perhaps, but I had no issues navigating my way around many people.

I have driven myself for much of the two-week period, but learned last week that going far with too many stoplights is too much right now.  Particularly after walking around with Duke at HEP.

Last week, I also started walking the dogs myself using the cane.  Since Amore cannot go very far, I can do it.  Yesterday, we made our way a bit farther than the previous day.  I am trying to use the cane less and use my legs more on our little walks, so it is gait training for me.

My snag with the sutures has been partially resolved.  The doctor and staff laughed at me for wanting the ones sticking out removed.  Since then, the burning torso has been more frequent, and just Friday, I noticed more of the sutures are coming out of my back area.  Some are coming out of one of the front incisions too.

They were trying to tell me that the sutures were dissolving, and that removing them was a waste of their time.  I thought I handled it well by jokingly letting them know that they were billing for the visit.  If they are dissolving, they don’t seem to be doing that inside my body.

I know the increase in torso burning is because we have messed with the area, and instead of getting too worked up about it, and the new sutures sticking out back there, I am just distracting myself.  The burning isn’t ungluing me, but it is slowing me down.  For now, that is ok.

By the end of Amore’s heart week, I was able to share improvements since the pump’s removal–bladder, vertigo and pain definitely better since.

This week, I hope to get back to my physical therapy.  I have been sporadic with the exercise bike. I want to start back as slowly as I need to, but get it back into my daily routine.  I have a busy week with my online teaching responsibilities, but hope to at least work it back in on non-HEP days.


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