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It might not be a shoe, but it is one hell of a monkey-wrench to start my week.

I am unable to use my cane.

Not in the way you might think.  Not in any way that has ever been factored into any plan anywhere.

The sharp shooting pain that goes somewhere in my forearm, through my wrist and into my thumb and forefingers makes it difficult to even type these words.  My right arm that has been hurting quite a bit after walking around using the cane (in a way it shouldn’t be used), has revolted.

The shooting pain usually happens when I am trying to open a pill bottle or using the cane, and I noticed it more when I was walking the boys using my cane Saturday morning.  I didn’t think much of it because there is always a medium grade pain associated in my arm after using the cane as a leg.

After some rest, it is usually fine to do a moderate trek to somewhere.

Now, even with rest, it is balking.  I have iced, splinted, not used, blah, blah, blah with a little relief.

Perhaps the increase in spasticity in my arms has set the stage for this, but I am fairly confident it is an overuse injury from using the cane the way I use the cane.

Overuse injuries require not using what’s injured to heal.  I am not sure that is fully an option.  I need this hand, wrist and forearm to work online too.

If there is such a thing as being monkey wrenched, I think I have been monkey-wrenched.  I blame the monkey.

I guess if it is a monkey wrench, it isn’t a shoe though, right?

My primary concern is going to the Homeless Emergency Project with Duke today.  Yesterday, I spent a great amount of energy brainstorming alternatives to getting around without the cane.

Well, we know what those are:  manual wheelchair that this hand and arm cannot wheel around or the power chair that someone else is using.

Surely, there is a better solution than being pushed around in the manual chair?

monkey wrench for realPerhaps I could fly from place to place?  Or teleport myself?

Get a piggyback ride from Duke?  If Duke were only a bit taller…

My plan is actually to try to get around without the cane first.

Curbs, inclines and stairs are not options without the cane, so Duke and I will have to deal with that.

He will have to deal with turtle speed Tawny.  I thought I would carry the cane, but was advised against it…

Perhaps a resident wouldn’t mind pushing me to and fro in the manual wheelchair that is still in the car just in case.  That made it to plan B if my plan A doesn’t pan out.  I don’t know that plan C is an option, so I will be interested to see what develops as a plan D.

When you are monkey-wrenched and don’t know what to do, you just don’t know what to do.  I really don’t know how it will go today, but figure it will all work itself out.

This really isn’t a shoe though, right?!  It’s a monkey-wrench.


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