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Now The Dragon

Dragon Green

Dragon Green (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk, trying to use the talk to text software to give my students feedback on their assignments, and my dogs were barking at me. When the dogs barked, it confused the Dragon.

Words like “on”, “the”, “from”, and other random words were showing up in my sentences each time my dogs barked. They probably wouldn’t have been barking if I was not yelling into my microphone at the Dragon.

I’m really not a yeller. In fact, I really don’t like to raise my voice at all. When I asked it to do what it’s supposed to do, the Dragon does not obey.

I’ve had this software program for a couple of years. I had it once before, 10 years ago in the beginning of illness, because I had so much trouble with my hands and arms. I was not great at using it then, and when I bought it a couple of years ago during the baclofen pump swap, I got frustrated and didn’t use it.

There is a way to train your Dragon. There are tutorials. I am certain it is possible to tame this Dragon.

My goal was simply to finish my grading so that my students had their feedback. It has taken me six hours and 43 minutes, and I’m not finished. I am however, more frustrated, and agitated than I was six hours and 43 minutes ago.

So while I am resting my arm and wrist, I am increasing my blood pressure. The Dragon is testing the limits of my patience. Actually, without the bark interruptions, I have really only worked about five hours and 22 minutes so far.

In spite of my frustration and despite the fact that I am yelling at the Dragon, I’m very grateful that I have this software to use right now, so that I can rest my wrist and arm.

Since it appears that the arm and wrist situation isn’t going away quickly, I do believe the Dragon might train me to be more patient with this monkey-wrenching situation.

Have you ever trained the Dragon?


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  1. I think your dogs need their own Dragon software and their own blog. It’s time!


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