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Summing It Up Sunday #16

If I have to sum up this week with one word, I would probably pick the word “sucky.” Although I have to say, there’ve been many opportunities to learn and grow.   There were monkey-wrenches, loch ness monsters and dragons this Halloween week.

The week started out pretty rough, as I scrambled to figure out how to get around without my cane. Despite the warnings my arm, wrist and hand issued over the course of several months, I continue to overdo. Now, I’m unable to use the cane because I have tendinitis in my right wrist.

The same day I found out that my Aunt Patzy died of a massive heart attack.

I have never enjoyed feeling stuck or trapped, and this was a week where that seemed to be the theme.

By the end of the week, I had gotten in to see my primary care doctor, got an x-ray of my forearm and wrist, got referrals for both occupational and physical therapy, and the new walker with a platform for my injured arm.

I  also got more used to using the voice recognition software a.k.a. the Dragon.  I spent some time training the Dragon Friday, so it is doing a bit better. My dog still bark when I’m talking to the Dragon, so I have to stop working on whatever I’m doing when they do.

Yesterday a physical therapist came. I shared with them what I’ve have been doing as the physical therapy component of my plan. He said I was doing a great job, but that I have been doing too much, too soon. He said using the power wheelchair to conserve energy, and to not tire out the muscles so that they’re moving incorrectly, was not moving backwards.

My resistance to using the power chair, even this week when I was at a loss for how to get around, is part of the problem. We will be working on more targeted exercises that will help me be able to step up a curb and maybe steps. He said in the meantime, I need to work on conserving energy and not overusing muscles.

It was nice to be validated and even applauded for my efforts. It is absolutely muscle memory, along with stretching that will be the most beneficial in managing my spasticity.

This week I also started back on the medication I’d taken years ago for spasticity. Three nights ago, I started taking the medication Zanaflex, or the generic tizanadine. I had been waiting to get a baseline before starting this medication again, although I have had the prescription for three months.

While the majority of my plan is still in place, I have learned this week that this is not a static plan. Flexibility and openness to tweak the plan as needed is going to be pretty important. I’m far more open at the end of the week, then I was at the beginning.

My goal for the week ahead, will be getting used to the idea that just because I can do something, doesn’t necessarily mean I should do it.


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  1. My wife does 15 mg of AMRIX for the last 5 yrs to help control the spasticity & says that it has worked well for her! Also check out LDN on google (Low Dose Naltrexone). Mary started with a 2.5 mg / day trial this week. If any of the claims are true – it deserves to be looked at by anyone with neurological issues.


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