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Better or Worse?

After the occupational therapist left yesterday, I noticed something. I noticed the same thing when the physical therapist left. I felt validated, motivated, and hopeful..

When I leave any doctor’s office besides my primary care physician, I generally feel worse. I rarely feel validated, and even more rarely motivated or inspired by the visit alone. After those visits, I have to inspire and motivate myself to avoid getting down about the experiences.

Isn’t it an interesting difference? The therapists do not seem to mind being a resource for me. They do not mind that I ask a million questions or need additional, more specific, rationale for information they share.

They have an appreciation for my persistence and determination, since often they have patients who do not even do their exercises.

In my personal life, I choose to spend time with people who make me feel good. They can still challenge my perceptions, share information I do not have or cannot see, but at the same time are compassionate, validating, motivating or inspiring.

At a minimum, the people I spend time with have an appreciation for me as a human being, and for my determination and persistence.

I wonder if choosing healthcare providers could be this simple. Do you feel better or worse after your visit? If you feel better, then we keep that healthcare professional. If you feel worse, keep shopping.

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to use this sort of measure all the time within our health care system, but if the primary members of our health care team were chosen this way, we would probably be a lot healthier overall.

Here I go being idealistic again, but it really makes a difference to me. I have shared with you in previous posts about how much energy I expend pumping myself up to be able to handle appointments with healthcare providers who are less than validating. Or how much time and energy I put into recovering from that visit.

I have been able to eliminate some of the validating practitioners, but I wonder if I shouldn’t reevaluate the others. It is a lot like cleaning out your closet. If you feel good wearing certain items of clothing, then you keep those. If you don’t, then you donate them.


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