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Enough is Enough

For a person who tests the limits as a general rule, I don’t seem to have the ability to gauge when enough is enough.

There are sometimes when going too far has to be okay. I can accept the consequences of more pain, more stiffness, or lack of energy. I told the physical therapist yesterday that my gauge was broken, or that perhaps I wasn’t born with such a gauge.enough is enough

It isn’t just a problem monitoring my own activity level, but it is also an issue with my dog Amore. I have to monitor his activity level while I’m trying to monitor mine.

I was thinking that it would be very cool if someone could invent this gauge. Like if Amore came with something similar to a gas gauge. I imagine something like a collar that goes ding ding ding ding ding when he’s done enough.

For humans it would come in the form of a necklace. A really cool one with the peace sign or maybe some stones, but it would start to ding right before I got to my limit.

My physical therapist said that I should treat this like any other training. Start small, push a little further, and see how that feels the next day. My problem is waiting until the next day because I could have overdone it first thing in the morning. Where does that leave me in the evening?

My necklace gauge would warn me throughout the day, so that I can have enough energy left in the evening to do something if I wanted without over doing it.

Since neither Amore nor I have such a gauge, I have to figure out how to figure it out. Amore will push his limits, almost in a similar way that I do because neither of us have really good sense. If were excited, we are going to exert a lot of energy toward something.

The difference between my dog and I is that he will go lay down when he is tired. I do not have that option most days.

How do you know when enough is enough?


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