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Sum Up Sunday #17

Sum Up 17

Writing a catch up post is always a challenge because the days of my week are always so mixed! My week got off to a rough start again, but I would have to say it turned out to be an overall ok week.

As the week progressed, so did the healing of my right hand, wrist and forearm.  I was able to do a bit more with it, which made doing basic things easier.  The occupational therapist is doing ultrasound treatments to help speed up the process.

The theme of the week probably revolved around trying to figure out when I have done too much.  I did a lot of overdoing it, but saw no way around those times.  I conserved energy where I could.

I had only one almost full day of the burning nerve pain in my torso, and I wasn’t unglued.  It was the day after is had overdone it, and then pushed it a bit further that morning.

The physical therapist came one last time as we agreed that I really didn’t need him.  Somehow I have to figure out how to find my physical limits, though.  He explained that using tired muscles will make the spasticity and clonus worse, and to avoid that when possible.

He said I already knew what to do to keep up my flexibility and range of motion, and to keep doing those things in addition to the new things he showed me how to do.

The goal is to be able to carry the cane, rather than use the cane as a leg.  It won’t be much longer before I will be trying that out, but in the meantime, I have to figure out a better gauge for my activity level.  I plan to work on that in the week ahead.


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  1. I have had the same experience of not knowing how others could help me learn when to stop. I have come to the conclusion that I have to regularly do too much. Just like you, it helps me keep and improve functioning. If I always stopped at the time I got tired, I would loose functioning. It is a strange way to live, isn’t it.


    • Very strange indeed! I would like to find a happier medium than injuring myself as I overdo it, as that sets me back too much. No matter what arbitrary rules I am setting for myself, I am still overdoing it. I set a one activity out a week (outside of work or necessary outings) and that was too much, so I bagged that rule. The wrist situation is slowing me down, but each time it has moments of feeling better, I am using it until I hurt it again. My gauge really is not working! Hugs Pat!


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