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Basketball and the Universe


As a point guard, back when I played basketball, it was my job to see the big picture on the court.  It was my job to see the whole court, call the plays, help to execute the plays, and to make sure the ball was taken care of when we had possession.

Taking control of the ball and the court was my role.  Leading my team was my role on the court, as much as it was the coach’s role off the court. I had to have vision, and my team had to trust that vision.

I preferred the point guard position to the shooting guard position, even though I had a nice fade-away jump shot.

Sometimes I got down on myself for not being able to take care of my own little picture—the basic fundamentals of the game—and lost sight of the bigger picture for the team.  During these times, I wasn’t great at the point guard role.

Each team member had their own individual role to play on the court and fundamentals for which they were responsible. If each of us was clear about our purpose, and our individual roles during a team play,  then we did well collectively.

I like basketball as a life analogy.  It is fast-paced, action-packed, not without drama, injuries or missteps.

Each of us has a role in the bigger picture.  If we don’t know what that role is, then we aimlessly flail around each day not sure we are supposed to be doing individually toward the bigger picture of our lives.  If we know what that role is, then it is our job to do it to the best of our ability because we know that doing so is not only serving our life, but is also serving the bigger picture of humanity.

Our friends, coworkers, and family members are our team members.  Our community and society as a whole make up the entire student body or sponsoring company backing the team.

As a point guard, I had to periodically slow down the play, allow the team a chance to re-focus, catch their breath, and remember that each play mattered in the bigger picture of a game.

Everything we do matters in the bigger picture—whether on a basketball court or out in our daily lives.  Everything we say, every reaction we have to what life throws at us, sends a ripple out into the universe.

It doesn’t matter what we find our role or our purpose to be, as long as we do it to the best of our ability.  Striving to be the best possible at it, no matter what “it” is, will serve the bigger picture of our collective lives.

Do you know your role on the team?  Are you a team player toward the bigger picture?  Ever consider basketball as an analogy for life?


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  1. I have to admit that I have NO idea about my role on the team and in the world. I realized just this week that that’s my major block. Until now, I’ve always done a great job of shaping my life around a larger goal/purpose. It may not always be a good goal, but I’m so used to having one. Without one (after my last goal, a relationship future, ended), it’s a bit scary.


    • It is scary when there is a shift in your role! No doubt about it! No matter the shift in mine, I always find my way back to finding those things for which I feel a passion. I don’t think I have just one role. Find the thing that makes your heart sing when you do it and that is it (or one of them). I have no doubt that as you allow some of the fear of what is next to dissipate, you will be able to see/feel it all more clearly. No detour on a path is wasted, my friend! Hugs!


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