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I used to only be able to write words with flow when I had a pen and paper. If I didn’t have a pen and paper, no words would come. In recent years, the keyboard has replaced my pen and paper. I have found that I can actually type faster than I could write words out on a piece of paper.

Dictating into a recorder never worked for me back when hand-held recorders were the thing. I seem to be able to develop a more cohesive piece through some process with my hands. I believe I have shared the research related to that in a previous blog.

For a couple of weeks now, I have been using voice-activated software to write. I have to tell you, it isn’t coming out all that easily.

In my mind, I am composing blogs like crazy. In my mind’s eye, I am typing them.

When I go to put it into writing, I’m not typing. I’m not writing with a pen and paper. I am talking. I am talking out loud. Until now, the only times I have done that successfully was when I have taught college courses live, done workshops, or speaking engagements.

I don’t really write like I talk. Well, I do, but I don’t. I have certainly never used anything I have scripted for myself.

Even when I talk to myself around the house, it is different than if I were writing everything down.

It is getting a little easier, as time goes on, and I’m having to talk out loud instead using my hands in this process.

I share all of this because I appreciate your patience with my process. I am aware that what you’re reading the past couple of weeks is a little different than what you’ve read prior. Or at least it feels different to me.

When I woke up the other morning, my right hand was feeling pretty good, so I took the opportunity to use it to type out a blog. I would guess, if you are a regular reader, that you can pick out the blog from the others.

Anyone have any guesses as to which blog in the past week it was?  Anyone notice any difference? Anyone else out there talking instead of typing?


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