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What did you do, now?

One of the benefits of living in a relatively small town, is that just about anywhere you go, you run into someone you know.

One of the benefits of living in a relatively tight-knit community, is that everywhere you go, people genuinely want to know how you are.  Even though sometimes this shifts a bit from being beneficial.

For the past few years, I’ve been hit and miss out in the community. And in the last six months, it’s been more miss than hit. Basically if you don’t read my blog, it is hard to keep up with the ever-changing physical status of me.

If I thought the cane drew attention to myself, and seemed to invite the question, “What happened to you?” I had no idea wrist braces could draw the same.Wrist brace caricature

I went to two different places Saturday. It is probably been a month since I have ventured too far out into the public sector. That was about the last time I was able to use a cane out there.

Replacing the cane, was supposed to be the walker, which seem to put undue stress on my left wrist and hand.

The walker was definitely an attention-getter, and the likes of it even upstaged the cutest baby in all the land on the mall trip two weeks ago.

All that is really left to help me walk out there in the world safely, is another human. So what people are seeing must be the wrist braces.

I imagine their perception of my wrist braces to be somewhat caricature-ish. Why else would such a neutral colored things draw such attention?

I have no simple explanation for what is wrong with my wrists except that it is illness related, cane related, and none of that is really a conversation I want to have when the first thing you say is, “what happened to you?”

I went out and about into public as a sort of distraction from all of that, not to be questioned about it.

I appreciate your concern, but perhaps a better lead might have been hello. Perhaps it’s good to see you, or a how have you been? At that point, it becomes my choice rather than feeling back into telling you something.

It had been a while since I was startled with the questions unexpectedly, but it seems that my master skill of evasive responding came right back to me.

I no longer say it’s a long story. I said long and uninteresting stories. Then quickly changed the topic to focus on them instead of me. It is really quite an effective strategy.

On this particular outing, sharing how I hurt my right wrist with the cane would have led to even more questions about why I was using the cane. It really wasn’t appropriate to respond fully, even if I had cared to do so.

With your help and input, I think I would like to compile a list of very witty, very clever and creative responses to just such  questions. What did you do to yourself? What happened to you?


Comments on: "What did you do, now?" (4)

  1. “It worked for Wonder Woman, I thought I’d try them out.”

    “Of course I’m wearing wrist braces, why aren’t you?”

    “They’re just something I use to fend off nosy questioners.”

    “What happened to me? I just started martial arts training. You?”


  2. What happened to you?
    Well, I’m a stunt double for Sandra Bullock and here is what a stunt double looks like. I’m a little banged up but it’s worth it. 😉


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