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Don’t Panic!

I've Got Your Back

Sunday evening, I watched my thoughts spiral out of control. I was trying to do something that required my attention and focus, and instead I was a million miles away. In an effort to stop the whirling, I quickly used my Dragon application on my iPad to dictate myself an e-mail. I didn’t know how else to stop it, but in case it worked, I definitely wanted to have it to refer back to.

I decided to share the contents of that e-mail with you. Perhaps there is something in your world that is giving you cause for panic, and these words might find you at just the right time.

Nothing that is happening to you right now is grounds for panic. Nothing about what is happening right now changes where you want to be. Everything that is happening right now teaching you something in someway. Preparing you for what is to come next.

I know you’re frustrated. I know what you’re thinking. None of that has to be true.
Your car goes where your eyes go.  The course of your illness is directly related to where you imagine it to go. If you focus on the symptoms, the limitations, you know that you will just get more of the same.

Panicking sends your mind into the past. It sends it into worst-case scenarios and catastrophes.

No matter what. No matter how. None of this has to be grounds for panic.

As I was sitting there watching my thoughts spin around, I had to remind myself that what happens next in this life does not have to be by chance. I forgot that there were people in my corner, watching my back. I forgot that I was empowered, and I forgot to trust that the universe has my back.

It has yours too.

Anyone else out there send themselves e-mails? 


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