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It’s Label Day – Oh Dear

Label Day

In WordPress blogger land, today is International Label Day 2013!

There are many things that you probably do know about me from reading my blog, but something you may not know is that one of my least favorite things is a label.

When I saw that this was being recognized as a holiday, you can only imagine what kind of facial expressions I might have made.

I have never been a fan of being labeled and put into a category, which generally involves some arbitrarily named box of so-and-so’s who didn’t quite make the cut for the other group that has the other so-and-so’s.

Labels, categories, boxes– it’s all the same to me. But are they always has potentially limiting as I might suggest?

One of my favorite bloggers was involved in these shenanigans in blogger land, and she shared some of the participating bloggers’ ideas of labels.

They were strength-based labels, and I found myself unintentionally trying to pick just one positive label throughout the day. I tried on several labels, but found that while positive in nature, there really was no one label that I could settle on.

If I said that I was an advocate, that would only describe a part of me. If I said that I was a champion, that too is only part of who I am. For a while, I played around with the word warrior. I almost settled on Goddess, but found that was a little too much to describe me.

There were no rules that I could find that said I had to only pick one label. I made that part up myself.

I appreciate positive categories. I find them self-affirming, empowering, potentially inspiring, and all that mushy feel-good stuff.

I still find them inherently limiting. No one label is necessarily going to be able to describe the whole of the person.  But as long as they are used with that level of awareness, I say let’s celebrate it!


That Rara sure got into my head this morning!  Of course, the point of international label day is to celebrate the words we choose to let shape us into who we are becoming. It is not meant to be a limiting experience, nor was it for me throughout the day.


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