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Duke’s Adventure

duke surgery day

For the last several months, my household has revolved around Amore’s cancerous tumor removal surgery, followed my baclofen pump removal surgery, then Amore’s heart failure, and little Duke seemed to just be there for us both.

Duke seemed more normal than Amore or me, so I presumed he had no issues during this time.  I worried he might have something, but the other things required my attention.  What I didn’t know was that he had a horrible abscess brewing in one of his teeth that he didn’t tell me about.

I had noticed he sometimes ate more slowly and seemed to get tired more quickly, but he is 12 and ½ years old and I don’t know what is old age versus a problem anymore.  I had also noticed that Amore was particularly interested in smelling one side of Duke’s mouth.  Otherwise, everything seemed pretty normal.

I made Duke an appointment last week to see his veterinarian because I was worried about whether his fatty tumors might be more than that, given his brother’s cancerous one.

His tumors were not anything that the vet was concerned about, so as an afterthought, I asked him to check his teeth.

Sure enough, there was an icky tooth back there in his mouth on the same side his brother had been smelling.  Amore knew.  Yesterday, he had surgery to get it taken out.

Duke and I spent the day hanging out at my vet office, and I got to watch them do the surgery.  I have known most of the folks at the office for ten years, so they are like family to me.

I watched one of Amore’s ACL knee surgeries years ago because I am curious, but also because I wanted to be there as soon as he was waking from anesthesia.

Now that my dogs are older, anesthesia worries me.  I didn’t want to watch Amore’s vascular tumor removal because I knew it would be pretty ugly.  The knee surgery wasn’t.  The mouth surgery was pretty interesting to watch, but I really was more interested in being there with Duke as he woke up.

He did well coming out of the anesthesia, but is going to have a pretty ouchy mouth for the next few days  When he got home, Amore checked out his mouth right away.

The three of us have had more surgeries and health issues in 10 years than most families experience in their lifetime.  Apparently, we are a pretty resilient bunch.   I am certainly more resilient having them in my life!

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Comments on: "Duke’s Adventure" (3)

  1. I’m glad everyone is doing well!!!


  2. Duke and Amore are two lucky dogs, don’t think I could stomach watching a procedure on Bob.


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