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Duke, Love and Today


As one of the residents comes out of his second floor apartment, I hear Duke’s dog tags start jingling.  He is up, looking up to the top of the stairs to see who it is.  It is a resident he knows and it is a resident who is struggling with a major depressive episode and getting over a bad flu.

He and Duke make some sort of eye contact.  All I see is the resident’s face lighting up.  I hear the faster jingling of the dog tags on Duke’s collar as he is moving quickly in his direction with his tail wagging.  They meet at the bottom of the stairs and Duke sits beside him, smiling up at him as he smiles back.

My favorite part of Monday was the time Duke and I spent at the Homeless Emergency Project.

Duke is clearly feeling so much better after getting that icky tooth out.  He was quite full of himself everywhere we went.  He was pretty amazing really.  Not that he isn’t every time we go, but yesterday, he seemed to have just the right smile and just the right wag, at just the right time and for just the right person.

The love he shared came right back to him, which seemed to make him share even more.  It is the first time in quite a while that he hasn’t been so tired that he refused to get out of the car when we got home.  He could have kept right on sharing and I certainly wish we could have.

He was energized by all that love, and so was I, just from watching him.

I have spent at least a month (likely more) at least one day ahead of myself.  I haven’t been in the moment much at all and I can tell by my mood and perspective.  I think I realized it out loud last week, and have been sort of stuck a day or three ahead.

That shifted yesterday watching Duke.  It almost shifted last week, but I went right back to being a day ahead as soon as we left HEP.

Yesterday, I came home from HEP with Duke and was able to focus on the work I needed to do in my training and in my classroom.  I even enjoyed it, and didn’t feel like it was just another thing on my list to complete.  There were other things I didn’t get to take care of  yesterday, but I think what I was able to accomplish via my Duke was far more important.

I spent most of Monday in Monday.  What a novel idea. I wasn’t in Tuesday or Thursday.  I wasn’t in next week or the week after that.  I think I will try that for today too.

Will you spend your Tuesday in Tuesday?


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  1. Coincidentally, on my drive in, I found myself saying, “Today is Tuesday. It’s not the future or past.” Being in the moment is so cool when you reach it, but so hard to just stay there.


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