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Sunday Sum Up #21

Catch Up #21

It has been a couple of weeks since I have written a catch up post.  I apologize!

As we headed into the final month of 2013, I have been mostly taking care of business.  My old dogs have been to the veterinarian several times.  Cars have been to the mechanic.  I have been to doctors of various kinds with more appointments to go.  I celebrated a birthday.  I watched a 14 month old learn how to make herself dizzy spinning in circles.

I am starting to review my year in my mind and begin setting my sights on my goals for 2014.  I have been counting my blessings and spending more time each day being present.  I am focusing on my self-care basics and sticking to what I know.  Seriously, I could have a forest full of gratitude trees.

The shift to gratitude has replaced the blues altogether.

My wrist continues to heal and I can even type a limited amount on the computer.  My legs still hold me upright and I get around using the leverage of other things and people (or the crazy walker) to keep forward momentum.  I walk the dogs each day in the power chair.

I use the walker when Duke and I work at the Homeless Emergency Project or I venture very far by myself.  My confidence in my legs when they are not tired is growing.

I have decided that yoga is next in the physical therapy plan and I may pursue dance lessons in the summer months.  I have backed off on the exercise bike because of the physical therapist’s recommendation to conserve energy, but also so that I can walk more throughout my days.

Coming up soon, I welcome a much-needed two-week break from my online teaching duties.  It is the only one we get each year, and I am ready for it.  I will spend it taking care of more business and perhaps even take a few days off from blogging.

Things are flowing along nicely really, as long as I let them.


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