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Goofy Giver; Awkward Receiver

Pile of gorgeous gifts

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In years past, I have purchased presents for friends and family far earlier than the holiday that was being celebrated.

Each of those times, I have either been so excited that I gave it to them right after I bought it, or I have put it somewhere and forgotten I even purchased it.

Sometimes, you just know the perfect thing to give someone.  Sometimes, you are so happy to give it that you can’t stop yourself from telling them what it is or giving it to them.

At least, that is how I tend to be.  I love giving someone something that I know they are going to love.  I love giving a surprise present.  It is hard for me to wait.  I have to block it completely out of my mind so as not to give it away—either by talking about it or literally giving it to the person.

I didn’t do many presents this past year, but the ones I have given have been hard for me to not give them at the right time.  I have also noticed that sometimes even if I find the “perfect” gift early, I have to pass on getting it then because I know what will happen.  I will give it to them and end up having to get something else for the actual occasion.

I am far more excited to give gifts than to receive them, although I never refuse a present for any occasion.  I am just more comfortable giving than receiving.  I am like that with giving help versus receiving it as well.  I am more comfortable being the one helping rather than the helpee.

Are you a good gift giver?  Do you feel more comfortable giving or receiving gifts?  Are you more comfortable helping or being helped?


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