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Simplicity in 2014

Simplicity 2014

I am not sure what 2014 has in store.  I think the first half of the year will look quite different from the second half.  I have some writing goals, some employment goals, and some physical therapy/health and wellness goals.

My 2014 canvas is nearly blank and my palette is full of wonderful colors to create whatever I would like to see in my year ahead.  It is exciting really.  Perhaps I am delusional, but I really am hopeful that with the end of things brings an amazing potential for so much more.  Of course, that is only if I don’t resist the change.

My challenge will be better balancing my physical needs with the other exciting opportunities that will present themselves.  I can do that by being present and in tune with those needs.  I tend to mix up my needs with the needs of others quite easily when I am not present.

Writing will help to keep me grounded, focused and present.  I want to see my book finished, and to complete another writing project I started late in 2012 that lost its momentum in 2013 because of my health issues.

I do not plan to paint in more health drama onto my 2014 canvas, and foresee all of that leveling out by the spring, so that I have a good idea of how to manage my PLS symptoms and residual nerve pain from the pump traumas.

There very well could be doggie drama and a health care crisis, although I do not plan to create excess drama around these issues.

We are starting the year off relatively stable between the three of us with our respective health issues.

I certainly couldn’t have predicted the decisions I made in 2013, but I have no regrets.  Each decision brought me to the opportunities that lie ahead.

My theme for 2014 is Simplicity.  No matter what happens, no matter how convoluted it might seem or feel, I have every confidence that it can be simplified and dealt with effectively along the way.

This theme also reminds me to lighten up and to remember what is really most important in this life.  It reminds me that looking for solutions is a far better use of energy and brain space than worrying about the what if scenarios.

My 2014 canvas might have some splatters and spills, but it will be beautiful because it will be full of love and gratitude.  It will have a life lived as fully and as presently as possible.

Did you theme your year?  What will your 2014 painting reveal about your year?


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