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If I Had Unlimited Time

me you A B

I often wish I had an unlimited amount of time to spend with each person I encounter.  I am always fascinated by what someone shows on the outside versus what they might be thinking or feeling on the inside.

With an unlimited amount of time, I can learn about your quirks and your fears.  I can begin to see the world close to the way you see the world.  I want that.  It is what makes you who you are.

Because I tell you about the many things I think about and how I feel about them, you already know many of my fears, strengths and hopes.  I want to know more about yours.

My curiosity isn’t so that I can gain anything, except to better understand you.  These questions I pose are the same I ask myself all day long.  I am not psychoanalyzing.  I am simply seeking to understand you better.

Most of my life, I have kept up some sort of guard to protect myself from any unwanted intrusions.  I am not sure what intrusions I feared all that time, but I certainly have made many folks cross a treacherous moat to get to know me.

Out of habit, I still do a bit of that with my evasive and vague responses to certain questions I encounter.  Sometimes it is deliberate because it is not the time to have such a conversation.

Otherwise, you can pretty much ask me anything and I will tell you the answer.  Unless of course, I do not really know the answer or there is no definitive answer to your question.  I like it when you pose those kinds of questions because they make me think more about whatever it is.

I wish I could learn how you got from point A to point B.  I am eager to know how we each arrive at the same point in life—after all, our paths have crossed at this moment in time and to me that is always meaningful.  What do I have to learn from how you got to point B?

We are all at the arbitrary alphabetic letter.  We are all trying to get somewhere from here, but wouldn’t it be great if we had an unlimited amount of time to talk with each other about how we arrived?  To truly stop and reflect collectively?

We could compare notes with one another to have more knowledge to take with us.  Wouldn’t it be helpful for us to share this so that we can continue to move to the next point in our lives?


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