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Family IS Personal

family is...

I started a piece about the importance of family and ended up with a piece about what my definition is of family.

It all started a few days ago when our lovely and awesome Dino Rara posted a blog about family.  It made me really stop and think about what and who makes up my family.  Family is truly a very personal affair.

Family for me includes my  biological relatives, which all happen to be quite unique and interesting humans.  Sometimes, I am proud to be related to them and other times they drive me batty.  I love them just the same.

Family also includes my friends who are present here in my world.  I value this diverse group of humans who enhance my world in ways that I have yet to understand.  I even have coworkers, clients and students that are playing roles similar to my older (or younger) siblings at this particular moment in time.

My friends out there in the virtual world are also a part of my family.  You are just as present as those who are in my world daily, weekly, etc.  You are as diverse as the other group, but I have not yet had the privilege to meet you in person.  That does not diminish your value to the family structure.

There are other beings in my family as well.  My dogs are the equivalent of children in my life, so they are also a valued part of the core family.

Family is family, so it doesn’t matter if you are genetically related or you are virtually related.  No one is any more or less valuable.  I have a relatively large family that spans at least the states, Canada and Australia.  I love that!

I love being open to including so many humans into the core family structure.  It wasn’t all that long ago that I would have chosen to have only my two dogs as my family.  There is so much I would have missed out on had I kept that perspective!

As it is now, I feel like I am unable to spend as much time with my family as I would like because I am trying to manage illness symptoms, work, etc.  I could not get by in this life without everyone who makes up my family–no matter where you are.

What do you define as family?  Are you open to allowing people into your world?




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