Sharing the lessons along the way…

life can be overwhelming

I do have a lot going on, although I tend to try to minimize it as much as I can.  I would prefer for you to have the impression that everything is under control, whether it feels that way over here or not.

While I am the master at shifting my perspective from being overwhelmed with those things in my world for which I am responsible, I do spend a great deal of time feeling just that.

I share the shift more often than I share the overwhelmed moments.

Today, I feel overwhelmed.  I am tired from an overly busy week and weekend.  In spite of my best efforts, my energy was not managed well.  This is a set up for feeling overwhelmed and I know this fact.

When I think about the many things that I need to do to prepare for the Social Security hearing, my Amore’s recurrent respiratory infection, my own health issues that I am feeling rushed to deal with, and various other tasks I am responsible for taking care of, I start to feel overwhelmed.

If you have ever shared with someone that you feel overwhelmed, you have likely heard the following:

“It’s all ok.  You will be fine.”

Of course that will all be true, but not if I do not get done what needs to get done!  It doesn’t take away the need to be busy doing things I do not feel like and do not want to spend my time doing.

Of course I will be fine.  It is what I do.  I turn shit into rainbows.

At this moment in time, in the midst of feeling overwhelmed, I am not fine.  I am on deadline and there is an urgency that I need to honor.  That means make appointments, gather records, get records to the ALJ, blah blah blah.

That means getting my dog to the veterinarian.  It means scheduling a minor surgery for myself when I need to be spending that time gathering up records and seeing doctors that relate most to my illness symptoms.

Mostly right now, it means I have to do things I do not feel like doing because my body and brain are too tired.

Feeling overwhelmed is pretty sucky, so I don’t stay here long.  I do validate that it does happen and will happen periodically, however.  I will develop a plan so that I can refer to that plan when I feel overwhelmed the next time.

It isn’t anything but life.  No matter what it is, it can seem overwhelming.  I say it is ok if you feel overwhelmed.  Life can feel that way for grown-ups who are trying to be responsible for the outcomes of their circumstances.  These are things that no one can do for me, so in a minute, I will sit down and map out my plan of action.

I just felt like you should know that I do feel overwhelmed over here.  Sometimes I need to stay here a minute before I can plan my way out of it.  Yes, I know it will be ok once I do.  It just isn’t right now and that’s ok.




Comments on: "It’s All Ok, Except When It’s Not" (1)

  1. I am learning so much from your blog. Thank you!


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