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Simplicity Re-thunk

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On January 1st, I shared with you that I honestly didn’t know what 2014 had in store, and that I would work on keeping it simple no matter what.  After reflecting on the complexities of 2013, I decided to theme the year with the word Simplicity.

Here we are just 30 days later, at the end of the first month of 2014, and I think I have done a fair job so far.  If I haven’t been able to simplify something or boil it down to the most important parts, I am grateful to have others in my life who have helped me to do that.

I believe boiling events and situations down to their most basic levels makes them more manageable.  There are times when even the simplest parts of something are convoluted, but when broken down, it at least feels less overwhelming.  I find this the only way to deal with government-bureaucracy-type issues.

Because of Rara’s stretching exercises and the Bloggers for Peace challenge for the month, I started thinking more about this theme for 2014.  I tossed around other concepts/words that I could use to help me simplify.  When I sat down to write this post, I actually had changed my theme.

Instead, I realized that simplicity seemed to be inherent in the meaning of them all.

Take gratitude, for example.  It is very simple—we appreciate and give thanks, period.  There is nothing complex about gratitude except for the neuroscience research supporting its daily practice.  I thought empowerment would go nicely with simplifying too.  It takes some personal power to trust that we can simplify, after all.  Then again, perhaps it is redundant.

Then I thought about trust, and that trusting the relative simplicity of the universe’s design would be important.  But I realized that trust is also a very simple idea.

So, I decided to stick with my Simplicity theme.  I was able to better identify all that I encompass with this theme in this process of re-thinking it.

Did you theme your year yet?  Did you theme it and then change your mind?  How is your year going so far?  Any changes in mind for February?


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  1. I haven’t titled my personal theme, but “Finally” kind of works. As in, “Finally, I’m going to get control over this recurrent depression/anxiety.” It feels oddly good to make it big rather than treating it like annoying persistent joint pain.


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