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My Plate is FULL

full plate

If I could avoid some things indefinitely, I probably would want to do that.  Many of the things that are on my plate right now create angst, so I would prefer to avoid them.

The problem is that avoiding them usually makes me lose sleep and they never really leave my conscious awareness even if I am actively avoiding them.  Besides that, it really is not how I roll.

At the same time, I often need to sit with something for a while to tease out what about it might be tapping into old issues because I want to make sure that I am operating in the present situation.  Before I actively deal with an issue, I need to know where I stand.

My style is more to respond to something, rather than react.  Responding requires some time to consider it more fully.  I can be found avoiding something while using this as a guise.  It is rare that I do, but it happens.  I cannot say that I ever go running toward an issue that I would rather avoid.

Who does?  Even the most confrontational people probably are not thrilled at having to face someone or something that creates angst.  I don’t know that for sure, but it is hard for me to imagine anyone not being a little bit anxious about it.

Anxiety is certainly a natural response to life, but it motivates us to change something for the positive or it makes us hide from it.

I have experienced it at either end of that spectrum, and I know that just taking care of the dreaded task is better than putting it off.  I still put it off (avoid) sometimes.  I never want to do it—ever.  I only want to get it out of my head and over with, so that is my motivation.  It is why I used to make lists, so that I could mark it off and be done with it.

Ongoing issues are not as simple.  Most of the stuff on my plate is ongoing.  My illness management cannot be checked off a list.  The social security issues cannot be checked off either.  Actually, my entire plate seems to be ongoing.  Even in my attempts to simplify these, my plate still feels really full all the time.

While it would be my preference to avoid the plate all together, I make matters worse for myself when I do.  I certainly do not want to do that, so I try to use that as impetus to keep managing the plate the best I can each day.

What do you have on your plate?  Are you an avoider?  Are there things you avoid, but other things you tackle head on?  Do you notice your health is affected when you avoid?


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