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The sun was shining with the warmth of an early summer’s day.  It was a welcome change from the colder than normal temperatures and rain of the past week here.  The sky was blue with a spattering of clouds blowing around with the gusts of wind.

My dog and I were sitting around a table with some veterans catching up on things since our last visit.  The subject of computer problems came up, and after much discussion, it was determined that one computer’s problem started after a Window’s update.  Despite choosing a restore point, his computer still was no longer recognizing some of his hardware.

On more than one occasion lately, I have had to choose a restore point myself for my Window’s operating system after the updates have installed.  On the last occasion, there was no restore point option.   Restore points are time travel for the PC, but if you just re-did the operating system, there aren’t any.

One guy said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we could select a restore point in real life?”  Everyone jumps into what became a quite lively conversation at that point.  But no one could fully commit to a point in their life where they would want to return for the purposes of starting fresh from there.

They all tossed around times in their lives, and I asked questions about the time frames they considered best to be their restore points.  Anyone new who came along was asked what time they would pick as their restore point.

Each shared about the time they would pick if they could, but after more discussion, everyone pretty much agreed they didn’t really want to go backwards.

I really didn’t have one, although I did think long and hard about it.  I listened to the discussions and stared at the clouds blowing around in the sky, as if there was a potential restore point idea up there somewhere.

The best one I could come up with was the period before I started having problems with my first baclofen pump.  Even then, I wasn’t sure I would want to potentially miss out on experiences and lessons I have had in the meantime.  Everyone else was picking decades ago, while mine was really just a few years ago.

This accidental discussion seemed to leave us all with some valuable information about our lives.  We were not necessarily willing to give up what we had learned and experienced, no matter where our lives had taken us since.

Were there things we could have done differently or better that might have made a different outcome?  Absolutely.   But there was also a chance that we could be in worse shape had we gone back to try to do it over again.

Would you choose a restore point for your life?


Comments on: "Warmer Weather and Time Travel?" (2)

  1. If I could undo a few mistakes I’d love to, but I treasure the wisdom that’s emerged from them. I wouldn’t want to go back. I’m content, more or less with my path, even though some parts of the old trail were unreasonably yucky.


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