Sharing the lessons along the way…

I have a lot of information swirling about inside my head from the last few days.  It is all useful and necessary, but one tidbit isn’t necessarily related to the next tidbit.  Except in my world this week.

For example, I know all about the anomaly found in an organ of mine during my recent surgery, and also know what foods dogs should have to help them with anal gland issues.  I know about the errors and problems with one of the assignments my students have to do, while also know the difference between a social security overpayment waiver and reconsideration forms.

I also know that WVU has never beaten Kansas in men’s college basketball until today and that it is oak pollen season here in Florida.  I learned that a puddle of antifreeze under your car is almost always a blown hose and the difference between a short sale in real estate versus an as-is sale.

I can tell you the difference between the trade in value of my car and the private sale value, and in the next breath tell you that the University has a great tech support team.  If we talk long enough, I might even share with you the medication used to induce childbirth, treat eczema in toddlers or perhaps I would share with you why they say my car insurance went up again despite my excellent driving history.

After the trip to the veterinarian with both dogs yesterday, I can probably tell you all about the different formulas of food they have for different disease processes and that a four pound dog actually out “sang” my  crazy dogs through the day they spent in the back kennels.  While they were doing that, I was making up repetitive songs about ordinary things that seemed to really entertain a toddler in the car.

My car blew a hose as I arrived to the veterinarian to drop them for the day to be seen, so my car spent the day at the mechanics.  I learned that three of the five hoses on my car, one by one, have now been replaced.  Only two more to blow.

I still have to research neuropathy in dogs, as it appears my Amore’ dog has some in his feet.  I know about it in humans, so I am eager to see if the process is similar.  That is next on my list while I wait for the later basketball game (UNC versus Duke).

I can only imagine what sorts of dreams I might have tonight.


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