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Goodbye Sweet Amore


Words continue to fail me in my efforts to share with you about the loss of my Amore.  Amore went to run in the fields forever on Monday, March 17, 2014.  We sent him off with as many stories from the adventures he, Duke and I had during his nearly 13-year life span, as I could remember over the weekend.

I have never had just one dog, and Duke has never been an only dog in a household.  Together we are trying to figure out how to play our respective new roles with a gaping hole in our hearts.


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  1. Towny….I am so so sorry your baby had to leave you and Duke… heart sincerely hurts for you……you know you’ll see him again but it doesn’t make the heartbreak any less….love hugs and prayers for you and Duke…..surely you can feel them 😦


  2. so very sad …so very sorry…hugs to you and Duke…


  3. Though the words always seem so trite, I will offer them up anyway and hope that you recognize the sincerity…I am sorry for your loss and will keep you and dUKe in my thoughts as you begin to heal and adjust to an alternate pathway in life.

    I remember meeting Amore’ and dUKe for the first time many, many years ago in Huntington…I thought they were typical, albeit adorable, pups. A few years later, upon seeing them again in Florida, I realized how truly special they were. After catching up with your life, the good and the bad, I realized Amore’ and dUKe in many ways saved you.

    I hope April is a more peaceful month for you…


    • Thank you Noelle! Their role in my life has certainly been multifaceted in their relatively short lifespans! Amore in many ways was more the challenge, which truly made him a great teacher for me. Love the subtle UK references! Miss you and it is great to hear from you no matter the circumstances. ❤


  4. My deepest condolences.


  5. Holly Smith said:

    I can only send healing thoughts to you and Duke. May Amore’ run pain free in his new life. I love you all


  6. Awww sweety i’m so sorry. Huge huge hugs to you both ❤


  7. Thank you Shelly!


  8. Shelly Maslak said:

    Tawny, I am so sorry for your incredible loss…no words can be spoken to ease the pain. You were all so lucky to have each other. I wish I could bring him back for you. All my love, Shelly


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