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A Simple Update

I themed my 2014 Simplicity back in January.  In those posts, I also shared that there would likely be dog crises, healthcare crisis and other unforeseens that I would do my best to simplify.  My goal was to not allow anything to be a crisis or to become dramatized in my own mind for very long.  To meet this goal, I decided that breaking it down to the nuts and bolts would help make the situations more manageable.

In March 2014, I had both a dog and healthcare crisis.  Both were within two weeks of one another.  First came the loss of Medicare notice (long story, but that postponement at the hearing apparently wasn’t a postponement because the ALJ made a ruling anyway).

This caught me off guard, so it took me a couple of days to be able to come up with a rational plan of action to move forward.  The plan was quite simple when it all came down to it.

As I was putting part of this plan into action, I was also watching Amore go downhill pretty quickly.  I took both he and Duke to the vet to make sure Amore didn’t have a simple, treatable reason for it, even though I suspected there wasn’t anything treatable going on.

Duke had not been eager to go to work in the week leading up to this, so I had him checked out too.  I was concerned that Duke knew something I didn’t about Amore, and was torn about leaving him home by himself.

Turns out, he probably did (he’s sharp like that), as he got a good check up at the vet, and has been happily going to work since Amore died.  The alternative theory was that he might be tired, and not as interested in going to work anymore.

After all, he is almost 13, and has worked there for nearly four years, and this was a possibility I was open to considering if he continued not wanting to go.  This certainly complicated part of my other plan to deal with the healthcare situation, so I started to generate some alternatives to the original plan.

Watching Amore get worse was a bit more challenging to simplify, particularly since it was touch and go for a few weeks and very emotional.  The weekend before St. Patrick’s day, he had some sort of neurological incident followed by a collapse.

At the same time, his external vascular tumor also was hemorrhaging, and he couldn’t quite coordinate one of his hind legs to get up.  Then it was pretty clear that it was time for me to let him go even though he was doing his best to rally.  It became a simple decision, but certainly not an easy one.

Nothing about the month of March has been easy for me, and I will not be sad to see it be over quite honestly.  I have done my best to simplify all of it, however.  Duke is adjusting well to being an only dog, so that is helping me to adjust to having only one dog.

My focus is Duke now, and making sure he and I enjoy the time he has left here, and that seems to be keeping me going.


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