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Now Leaving Crazy Town

Now Leaving Crazy Town

June has been incredibly busy and full of changes and crazy!

Duke started out the month with a serious back issue that at this point seems relatively well-managed with medications.  What was more interesting was how I handled the crisis initially, then what happened next, then what happened after that.

We were at work when I noticed he was tripping and having a lot more trouble getting his hind legs underneath him.  As the day wore on, it was getting worse, so I scheduled a vet appointment.  Within an hour, I had called the vet back to be worked in directly from work.

The good news was that it was his back.  What I had done in my head was to spiral him into complete organ failure.  Yes, I know.  I had gone to Crazy Town until our veterinarian came in and assessed the situation.  Tears of relief and worry only fell after that.

He was to call in sick for the rest of the week to rest and let the medications take effect.  It was taking a bit longer for the medications to work than I expected, so by midweek, I had explored a new level of Crazy Town.  I knew I had crossed a line toward a larger city.

I was in Crazy Town about work, about Duke, about social security’s repeated attempts to collect twenty-five thousand dollars, tending to my classes, and grappling what to do next.  Even in Crazy Town, I knew everything was going to be ok, but the town was starting to rub off on me, so it was making that idea of “ok” seem farther and farther away.

My friends agreed that I had crossed a line, and I already knew I was crossing it.  I had crossed from Crazy Town into the big city of Maniacal.  Reeling myself in, I started to take some action to get at least back to Crazy Town.

I back-tracked my route into Crazy Town from the city of Maniacal.  Along the way, I found a backup therapy dog to remove some of the pressure for work from Duke.  After several phone calls and several weeks, I scheduled a meeting with a nice (seriously she was) and helpful (really, I am not being sarcastic) woman at social security.  Duke was on the mend and got a good follow-up report from his doctor after having been back to work for over a week.

I was on my way home from Crazy Town after filling out an adoption form for a wonderful program that has rescue greyhounds they train and certify as therapy dogs.

Until, I took a wrong turn at a roundabout (I can never get those right).

I ended up back on the road to the city of Maniacal for a day because the processing of the adoption paperwork was happening too quickly.

Was Duke ready for another dog in the house?  Was I ready for another dog in the house?  This quickly?  What if the dog bumps Duke and injures his back?  I didn’t know how I felt about “replacing” Amore.

Shortly after my wrong turn, a beautiful road sign appeared that got me back on the right road.  I was heading away from the city of Maniacal, and was even almost clear of Crazy Town.

A local greyhound rescue had a perfect dog for me that would go into the other program, then come home in August if I wanted her.

Well, she greeted me at my car with kisses.  When she and Duke were introduced, it was as if they knew each other and she belonged in my house with us.

She started training Friday, I now have a payment arrangement with social security that is do-able as of Thursday, Duke and I have a work plan to moderate his activity and survive the summer heat at work.  The backup therapy dog will be on vacation for a couple of weeks, but when she returns, she will still go once a week, so that Duke gets a day off.

When Ruby gets back home and is adjusted, Duke will show her the ropes at HEP.

I have no plans to revisit Crazy Town or the city of Maniacal.  I wouldn’t recommend either as vacation destinations.

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