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Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island

It has been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that!  It certainly isn’t because I haven’t had anything to share with you, but have had very little energy left to compose anything coherent.

I had an idea for what I might sit here and write for you this evening, but by the time the computer restarted, I lost focus on where I was really going to go with it.

Instead, I will just update you a bit on my little world.

The catheter and I have developed a relationship much like you might have with a housemate or dorm-mate that you don’t necessarily love, but can live with amicably.

I decided that it is what it is. I have a choice about whether I want to focus on the icky of it, or I can simply focus on the functionality of it.  For now, it is a necessary tool to help me to function.

My driving is much the same as it has been—limited driving radius.  I try to be careful not to overuse my legs when I know driving is in the plan.

Walking is still as it was…walker with dogs or distances or ramps or inclines.

Clonus in legs and jaws remains about the same.  I have caught up on dental work so that I can get a different night guard, which should ease some of the jaw pain and headaches.

Spasms are a bit worse lately, which tells me I am not doing all that I could be doing to ease those.  I have pretty much taken the easier route to manage those, so perhaps it is time to do a bit more.

I have been out and about a little more because of a couple of deaths and celebrations, so it has been good to catch up with friends.

There were quite a few of those events all around the same time, so I am finally catching up on much-needed rest and recuperation.  I have met some extra special humans in the process of all of that as well.

Some of the outings have been for fun, and of course, to test the limits of what I can and cannot do.  For example, I still suck at bowling even though I cannot do it the way I used to do it.  I can bowl.  I can access the beach area to watch the sun go down with the newer walker.

Duke continues to hold his own both at work and in watching after his absent-minded professor human mom.  His new dog sister graduates the prison program Friday and then comes to her forever home.

I think I am ready to have two dogs again, although this is going to be interesting with the age differences.

I am finding that sleep alone is my best ally, so I have gone out of my way in the last two weeks to ensure that there is enough quality sleep (even if it is broken through the night) to get back to center.

Each of these topics could be a blog in and of themselves, and perhaps will develop into their own once I am back on track a bit more.




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  1. What an absolutely fantastic moment caught in a picture!


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