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ruby is home

Ms. Ruby has arrived into the household of Duke and The Tawny!

While the dynamics are quite different from those between Duke and Amore, it has been a relatively challenge-filled weekend for me.  I didn’t realize just how emotional it was going to be for me to bring another dog into the house after Amore.  Fortunately, by the time the long drive back home from Hardee County was over, I was more focused on the logistics of things than the tears that wanted to fall.

Mom seems to have her commands mixed up because some of the commands Ruby learned in her prison training aren’t the same ones I learned when Duke and Amore went through basic obedience.  Bless Ruby’s heart, she did the best she could on our first walk with Duke and I, given that I likely totally confused her.

Today was our second walk (the heat in FL right now is ridiculous) and we all did better.  After our first short walk since Duke can’t really go far, I took Ruby by herself and she was pretty awesome with her commands.  I am pretty sure I used the correct ones and studied up on them again before we headed out.

All of this newness have me thinking about all the other things I have had to adjust to in the past six months or more.  It really is no wonder I feel as tired as I do, quite frankly.  Fortunately, I started out the year making sure that I simplified and streamlined as much as possible.

It really is the simplicity of the basics in this life that make everything else better.   Healthy food, quality sleep, quality down time, and quality social time certainly set the stage for better balance in my life.  All of this also sets the stage to better adapt to change while managing a chronic illness, two jobs, and now again two dogs with different needs.

My problem is that I often deviate from those simple basics and forget that all of them are necessary.  I have been forgoing the quality down time and replacing it with social, and the two are simply not interchangeable for a person with an overactive central nervous system.

While attempting to catch up on dental and other health concerns, I have also forgone the quality down time with appointments in addition to the social.  It hasn’t really served me well, particularly as I embark on a new adjustment at home.

I have given myself some leeway in the past several months to test out the limits of interchanging these basics.  It was a necessary part of my process of figuring out how far I can push before my body begins to reel me back into its necessary balance.

I have learned a lot from the process, but also have learned that it takes me a bit longer to restore this balance once I reel it in.  I have been reeled in for nearly three weeks now and am still not quite back to where I would like to be.  There is some work to be done for sure!  But isn’t that always the case?




Comments on: "Simplicity, Self-Care and Ruby" (2)

  1. Hi Madeleine!
    Great to hear from you again! It is hard as can be to make it simple, isn’t it? It sounds like you are doing better nutritionally and that is great. I also tend to not eat because of the energy it takes to prepare and consume, but that is why I have to have a routine that some might call rigid. It is a bit sometimes when I am reeling myself back in, but when I start to juggle too many things at once, it is often eating that falls off my radar and I can tell physically. It is really a juggling act!
    Take care,


  2. Madeleine said:

    I really agree with you about the importance of simplifying our lives when living with a chronic illness, but it is rarely possible!! One thing I can control is the way I eat. I am on week 7 of a modified paleo diet and Juice Plus shakes and chewables. I’ve also added ubiquinol 100 mg x 2 and B12 as well as PT weekly. I can’t believe how much better I feel. Lots more energy, wake up earlier and am more social. I keep thinking of the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, and how in order for it to do its thing, it needs proper nutrition. I was always a healthy eater and a runner, but over the last 7 years since my PLS dx I’ve eaten terribly sometimes not eating anything in a day…too much work! So, I’m living proof that diet matters! Now I have to work on minimizing stress 😉
    I enjoy your blog. Not enough on the internet about living and coping with PLS, so thank you!


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