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patienceAfter writing my last blog, I called up a sounding board to process it further.  I came to a few very important, and perspective shifting realizations that I want to share you.

The first one was the catalyst for picking up the telephone for a sounding board.  I realized that between working at HEP, volunteering, and teaching my classes for Phoenix, that I had been far surpassing full time hours for at least a month.  Doh!

The second one happened toward the end of my sounding board conversation.  Since my students turn in their assignments on Sundays, I generally try to have everything graded and feedback returned by Tuesday evenings.  I have done it for six years, even though I technically have six days to complete it.  I have my varied reasons for doing it this way, but realized it isn’t serving me right now.  Therefore, I don’t have to break my neck each week to do it.

In light of the first thing, I was reminded of several things from my sounding board.  The first was that there were four—yes four—funerals I have attended in 5 or 6 weeks.  The fourth was a suicide and required a great deal of emotional energy for a variety of reasons.  In addition, I had three relatively traumatic dental appointments in a row, a bad cold and another treatment resistant infection within that same time period.

Of course I am still tired in spite of the changes I made in recent weeks.  That is a lot of stuff to happen in a short time frame for anyone—never mind for someone whose central nervous system is overactive.

To boot, I am adjusting to two new positive additions to my life.  The changes I have made are positive and likely will yield more restful for me.  I have to be patient and allow my body whatever time it needs to get itself back to balance in the meantime.

Here I was, all too ready and eager to accept that I had missed something I could be doing better to feel better.  Perhaps I could better pay attention to the time spent volunteering since it never occurred to me to pay that much attention in terms of energy expenditure.  I can rearrange my grading too.  But, being patient was the only thing I was missing.

I am so grateful to have sounding boards who can remind me of just how much I tend to minimize the amount of energy I exert on various things in my life!


Comments on: "Limitations, Perspective, Blah Blah Blah" (1)

  1. Sounding boards, positive additions & getting over the health incidents all sound like the start of a nice upswing after a downwards one. I am very happy you are heading back up!


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