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Baggage Happens

It really doesn’t matter where you have been, what your diagnosis is, what your prognosis is, what you have gone through in your life, or any other thing.  All of these are a part of who you have become at this point in time.  If you are here and realize you aren’t happy with yourself and your quality of life, then you have a choice.

Do you choose to continue to let all of that limit you?

Or do you choose to do something to make sure it doesn’t?

While most things in this life aren’t black and white, the decision to not allow any circumstance or situation limit the sum total of your quality of life now, is quite frankly, that simple.

What happens after you make the decision is filled with lots of gray because then you have to figure out how to let all of that go.  Going from heavy luggage to lessening those loads can happen in a variety of ways and can take as long or as little as we choose too.  We all have our own journey speed and our own journey map.

I have taken much longer to turn my baggage into lessons because I have resisted the things I have needed to do to make that happen sooner.  I get the resistance.  I lived the resistance and still periodically live in it.  Doing the work to get there ain’t easy.  It isn’t pleasant much of the time, particularly in the early going.

The choice to not allow a circumstance, experience, illness or whatever to limit your life is the easier part of the process.  It isn’t over once you make that choice because once you do, you almost have to re-make that same choice every day of your life from that point forward.

I do have to make the choice over and over again because I don’t wish to allow anything in my past or my illness to limit my quality of life today.  Sometimes it requires making choices that upset others and are hard to make.  Other times, it isn’t really that difficult.  The more committed I am to the process, the less hard it really is.  When it is hard, it is usually because I am making it harder.

There is certainly nothing about my process or my journey that is perfect.  I freak out.  I overreact.  I lose my way on occasion.  I find my way back and commit to the process.

It really is a simple choice, but it is not a one-time choice to improve our quality of life.  That continues for as long as we wish to have a quality of life.




Comments on: "Baggage Happens" (6)

  1. It really is hard to stay focused and make these choices daily.


  2. “I find my way back and commit to the process” is such a beautiful thing to read! Just such a simple but eternally helpful concept. Every single day!

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  3. Madeleine said:

    I’m guilty! Thanks for the words of wisdom 🙂


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