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#2 Creating a better 2015

2015 2

What does it take to create a New Year that is better than the last?  In my last post, I gave you the first of the three questions I propose can help you to do just that.  It was “If there was one thing you could change from 2014, what would it be and why?”

Here is the second one:

What stopped you from meeting a goal you set for yourself in 2014 that remains a goal for 2015?

Again, this is a loaded question!  What are three barriers that were in your way for meeting that goal?  Were these barriers within your control or were external factors at play?  Was it really a realistic goal? What overall toll did not meeting your goal take on your confidence in completing it in the coming year? For example, if you said you wanted to lose weight in 2014 but didn’t and still want to, consider that losing weight is not a goal, but the result of several goals.  Did you have an exercise goal or healthy eating goal?  How can you restate the goal so that it is more realistic and more achievable for 2015?

I will give you an example:

The goal I didn’t meet in 2014 was to completely finish and self publish my book.  I allowed distractions to prevent me from accomplishing that, although I did make progress toward the goal.  The distractions seemed to provide me with some great learning opportunities and were still enriching just the same.  I have one last chapter to redo before getting the back cover and formatting for Amazon done.  I will likely break those goals into smaller, more doable steps for 2015.

Feel free to share!  Stay tuned for #3!


Comments on: "#2 Creating a better 2015" (1)

  1. My goal for ’14 was to set up a life in Florida that would allow me to progress out of my past few years in a disfunctional marriage and environment. I did manage to pull off some of that but at the same time I discovered other issues that I needed to work on in order to truly progress and evolve into a healthy soul. Distractions, perhaps, but they were always learning experiences.

    I hope to read your book soon.


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