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Near-Missed Opportunity

Ruby by the water's edge

Ruby’s first trip to the water on our dog walk reminded me of so many memories that Duke and Amore and I created when we first moved to Florida.  It also reminded me of the fun Ruby and I will have in her lifetime creating our own memories together.

I love creating new memories and consider each day, each moment, an opportunity to do just that!

What I realized while watching Ruby (who was quite confused by crossing a larger road and seeing water) this morning was that with the flood of memories about Duke and Amore, I almost missed the opportunity to be present with her.

There were thoughts of missing Amore, thoughts of Duke’s back issues worsening, thoughts of Duke’s labragoat days of climbing rocks, thoughts of all of the times the three of us were the first on a little beach area to make footprints larger than the shore birds…

There stood Ruby at the other end of my leash, tail tucked, ears back, wondering what she was supposed to be doing at the water’s edge.  Her nose was moving in all directions, seemingly at once.  She stepped back in her quickness, and one foot fell between some pine needle covered rocks, and startled by that, she jumped into the air to get behind me.

As I realized I was so caught in the past that I was missing everything, I parked the walker and sat down beside her.  After some ear stroking and some chest rubbing, she was eager to move forward along the path by the water alongside me with less anxiety.

I told her of some of the memories I was thinking about, and then told her how much fun she and I were going to have together making our own memories.

My take away from the dog walk this morning is this:

We cannot miss the opportunities to create some wonderful memories in our NOW by staying in the past.


Comments on: "Near-Missed Opportunity" (2)

  1. Nice analogy Tawny, that hit home for me, keep up the good stuff!


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