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Power of Choice

No matter what is happening, the power of choice remains a constant.  We might not always like the choices, but we always have them.  I find great comfort in that.

Over the years, I have also garnered a greater appreciation of conscious decisions—the ones that I make with the understanding that nothing I choose happens in a vacuum, and that my decision will not only affect me, but others in my life, my community and workplace.

How I choose to behave, respond to others, take care of myself, etc. has an impact on everyone I know in one way or another.  Each decision we make has a power of its own that we may not even know about until years later.  I had someone at a high school reunion thank me for something I said or did that I couldn’t even remember.

Sometimes we can actually see the ripple effect right away.  I decide to smile and say hello to someone who then decides to smile and say hello to the next person they see, for example.  Or a decision to ask for help allows someone else to feel like they are valuable, and perhaps start to believe that they too could ask someone for help.

I am also starting to embrace the challenge of making decisions when I am not thrilled with the choices. I see it as a creative opportunity to find some new way to see the choices in front of me.  Sometimes it is a simple shift of my own perception of the choices, but other times it is creating a brand new option that I hadn’t considered before.  This is often an exhausting exercise and I am more likely to embrace it when I have other people also offering their own creative ideas.

Rarely do I worry about a decision that I make when I do it consciously.  They are far more positive as a result and if they don’t turn out positive, then I can always choose again.  I have made a lot of major decisions in this year alone, and countless minor decisions.  We all likely have.

Have you seen the impact of your decision on those around you?  Did you know that making decisions was such an empowering opportunity?


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