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I believe in rainbows

rainbow 11-4-15

Sometimes you just have to believe it is possible, while continuing to do the footwork that seems to be in line with whatever I believe is possible.

I just continue to believe no matter what barriers present themselves.  And I believe there are lessons within each barrier that help to make it even more possible.

Most people think I am just a crazy idealist who cannot see what is so horrible in this life.

It isn’t that I don’t see the horrible, the tragic, or the darkness that is present.

I assure you that I don’t miss much and am well up to speed.  I consciously choose not to focus my energies there, however. My energies are focused on finding ways to lessen all of that.  I cannot do that if I am only focused on what is so wrong.

I believe in you.  I do not focus on your weaknesses, your shortcomings, your shadow self.  I focus on my belief that you will rise to the occasion that is your life’s circumstance and you will see the same strengths I see.

I focus on those strengths because those are the building blocks that make reaching our potential possible.  Where there is darkness, there is light.  I believe we all have a little light shining in there waiting to shine.

I also believe in rainbows and I love how they appear when you aren’t expecting them.  Most wonderful things tend to do that–appear when we aren’t expecting it and when the mixture of lightness and darkness is just right.

Before we see a rainbow, we likely say something like, “The sky is really dark over that way.” And then we see the color arcing through the sky and say, “Wow, how beautiful!”

That’s all I got for day four of this writing challenge!  Shine on!  I certainly believe you will!



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  2. Nicely said….nothing else to be said.

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