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A while back I shared what is written on my bathroom mirror:

Stay Focused.  Stay Authentic.  Remember the mission.

Perhaps I have been looking at these words long enough on my mirror and staying conscious that it is becoming automatic for me to flow through my days doing it.  I know what my personal mission is, and I am fortunate to have a job within an organization that aligns with it.

There is very little time in my day to be much other than mission-centric.  And I love it!

But then I started thinking about those who don’t know their own mission or aren’t in positions or with organizations that are in line with them if they do.

Wouldn’t it be an interesting exercise to do our own personal mission statement?  Organizations do it.  Different departments within organizations do it.  Why don’t people do it?  Why don’t couples do it?  Or families?  I see a personal mission statement as the bigger picture goal in life.

Imagine a world where everyone was clear on their role, their purpose, their contribution, and what it looks like and feels like when they are in line with their mission statement.  Sounds pretty Disney, but I love the idea.  (A bit too idealistic for you?)

What do you want to put into this life while you are here?  What do you want to get from it as a result?  How do you want to feel when you wake up each morning and prepare for bed each night?  A personal mission statement could clear all of that right up for you.

Anyone want to play along?!  It could be fun, couldn’t it?!

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Comments on: "Missioncentric?" (3)

  1. I love the quote you chose. A personal mission statement is a great idea. I wrote one many years back, haven’t revisited it for awhile. Revisiting (and possibly revising) it might be super helpful. Thanks!


  2. M-anage.
    Manage my time, my behavior
    my problems and so on.

    Roll with the punches, with life comes much change and we cant really control any of it.

    Be a solution not pollution.
    Try and not feed the fires but find solution(s).

    S-elect to surround yourself with friendd with similar beliefs, work hard whether addiction or self improvement.

    I- There is no I in team. We all need help. We should all embrace the help.

    Be original not a clone or a follower cuz its easier. Theres only one of you, so be you. People may not like it but thats me!

    Never say never. Anything is possible but you gotta want it, I mean want it. Whether change or simple help. Grab it, embrace it.


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