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Serenity Sunday

zeke and rube 11-9-15

By Thursday evening, I knew what I had to do.  I needed to scrap most of the plans and tentative plans for my weekend and instead assertively plan some down time.  The weekend needed to be without agendas and without needing to rush to do anything.

At my step mom’s Birthday party Friday evening, I had canceled everything tentative or planned except my Saturday bike ride.  Biking is physical therapy, so that stayed because it was important.  Of course, we went a bit farther and with a bit more intensity than we meant to, so I was quite a bit more tired than I usually am afterwards.

Just the same, Ruby and I made our way out to the Art Harvest in our own time and for however long we wanted.  My legs were tired that was for sure.  It was hot, Ruby and I both were sure of that too.

Asleep from exhaustion and contentment by 7:30pm, I awoke early for a day that was already scheduled as a serene one.  There was no agenda.  No itinerary.  I had things I needed to do to get ready for the week, but no cares about what order or time frame they happened.

Ruby got to her walk and got to see her cousin Zeke.  Later she got to see her Aunt Marilyn, who just returned from China.  I attempted to try to recreate the last two-three weeks to catch her up (Geez, it has been full of so much) as if she nor I had anything to do today.

Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and more was accomplished quite early in the day.  My favorite music played in the background and I loved doing all of it.

It is amazing what a difference a day of rest provides.  No one needed anything from me, expected anything from me (except for Ruby) and I feel like I am rejuvenated and ready for another busy week.  To boot, I still have the rest of the afternoon and evening to do with what I wish!

Self-care is so important to my ability to do what I most want to do in this life—be the change and limit the amount my illness interferes in my ability to do so.

Day Eight and going strong for Team Pepper!



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