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Stand Tall

stand tall

Unless you live in a bubble, it is hard not to avoid attempts to make some sense of the world around us.

We are inundated with so much each day and with so many things that simply evade logical or rational explanations.

Not everything in this life makes sense.  Not everything that happens in this life is fair.  But we can certainly grow and learn from all of it in one way or another.

What is more important than making sense of things that make no sense, however, is what happens next.

What we choose to do or not to do after we hear of something tragic, experience something traumatic, or simply experience consequences of our actions is what matters the most.

Experiences and events around us change us.  How we move forward with those changes determine whether the change is ultimately positive or negative.

Today I imagine that the people of Paris are feeling much like we did on 9/11.  I remember being so full of fear.  I remember fear dictating just about everything for many months, in fact, so my heart goes out to all of us as we relive our 9/11 experience along with the people of France today.

Out of that trauma and fear for me came great changes.  Shortly after, I moved to be closer to family and I had a clearer idea of what was truly important in my life.  I have spent a great deal of effort in my life to move farther away from fear and closer to love since then.

Stand tall, remember there is still love even when there is so much fear in the forefront today.

Day 14 sending love to all.



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