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Lunch with Preacher

At work today, I was busy moving from one area on campus to another attempting to accomplish what was already on my to-do list, in addition to things that were placed there as I read my emails first thing this morning.

Because I was away from my desk a lot working on a variety of projects, I had opportunities to be outside.  It was sunny with near record (or maybe we beat it, I am not sure) temperatures for this time of the year.  There was a breeze that often gusted out of the east.

When it was lunch time, I knew the only way to take a break while I ate was to go outside somewhere to enjoy the day at the same time.  I needed a breather and some inspiration, and then remembered that I could go sit in the area where Preacher Green is buried.

I put my salad together and headed off to eat with Preacher.

Preacher was the man who started Everybody’s Tabernacle Church, and from his generous spirit and the help of his wife and family, so began what we all know now as the Homeless Empowerment Program.

Otis Green saw the good in humanity.  He believed wholeheartedly that if we helped people to better help themselves, they would benefit more than if we simply gave them a roof over their head and some food.

Not everyone was as lucky as me to have gotten to meet and know the man.  He was inspiring, he was a natural leader and a natural servant.  He never lost sight of the mission at hand and how he continued to trod onward through illness and everything else was even more inspiring.

He and his wife have tables and shelves full of their humanitarian awards, but they remained humble and focused on the mission.

Thousands of people each year pass through the Homeless Empowerment Program (HEP).  A program that has grown by leaps and bounds because someone involved never lost sight of the vision Preacher had at the start.

No matter what my role is in the bigger picture of HEP, I truly hope that I can remain as focused and as humble as Preacher was in his day there.  To me, he ranks up there with the likes of Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. and many of the other greats who have made such great impacts on humanity.  I couldn’t ask for a better role model.

Day 17 and moving forward with inspired humility and focus after lunch with Preacher.



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