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In the spotlight

The stage is set.  The audience is sitting quietly in anticipation.  The curtain slowly opens.

The spotlight is on.  There you are on stage.  Exposed.  Vulnerable.

Now what are you going to do next? 

Will you act as though you are in a play that you have been in over and over before in your life?  Or will you realize that this is most likely a brand new play and you have been resistant to learn your new lines?


I probably feel this way at every major life opportunity.  There is this moment (or many) where all eyes are on me to see whether I rise to the occasion or not.  In the past, the very nature of feeling exposed and vulnerable could be enough to undo me as the spotlight shone.  Until I realized that as humans, feeling this way is what makes us feel alive and what makes us start to live the life we often pretend we live on that stage.

At this point in my life, I realize that being humble and remembering that I am human serves me.  I have nothing to hide, so the exposure and vulnerability is minimized.  I might be momentarily slowed as those curtains open, but I recover quickly and realize that it is always a new show.

In real life, it is never really the same play every day, unless we design our lives to be a repeat performance.  Sometimes we behave as if it is and continue to use the same lines and set the same stages.  It is rare that I watch a movie more than once and don’t hope for a different ending.  I know in real life the ending doesn’t have to be the same, so I just thought I would tell you in case you didn’t know.

Happy Day 20!  Here’s to a Friday of creating our own idea of a good ending to whatever kind of day or week you have had. nanopoblano2015light


Comments on: "In the spotlight" (1)

  1. Great insight and because you wrote this my brain automatically scanned to your first wellness class.
    The curtain opened and boom, all your notes started falling off the walls. You and Gloria handled it like pros.
    So we moved on to the lemon and juices flowing down ya chin and you know the rest was history.
    I often wondered if other classes were as keen as your first and as humorous. Lmao!
    You talk about transparent, that was genuinely
    transparent and what a laugh we all had.
    Even me who dreads any class since 1992.
    That was a great ending and will never be one like it (I hope).
    20th day, congratz!


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