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International Label Day 2015

“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.”

 ~Bernard Williams

Originally, I didn’t want to play along with my Dino friend’s International Label Day going on here in Blog Land.

While I love words and stringing them together to create something meaningful, I am often opposed to one single word being used to define me.  Of course, words cannot define me.  My deeds do.  So, I came around and decided to play along with Label Day after all.

Words can be used to describe me (and you) and I think it is very important that we chose them wisely when we refer to ourselves or to others around us because words are very powerful.

I have not always used the most positive words to describe myself in my life.  One thing I have been told over and over since I was a teenager is that I am resilient.  It took me almost twenty years to really own that descriptor because I didn’t always trust that I would figure out how to make it through any variety of circumstances in my life.

Now I own my resilience.  I wear it proudly and wish to share it with anyone else who has yet to realize they too can own their own resilience.  As humans, I believe we each have access to resilience that will allow us to find our way to the other side of even the most seemingly insurmountable challenge.

According to Merriam-Webster, the Definition of RESILIENCE is 1.  The capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress; 2.  An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

So, Rara, on this 21st day of November and the 21st day of the writing challenge, I am RESILIENCE.nanopoblano2015light


Comments on: "International Label Day 2015" (3)

  1. So true, Tawny.
    The book, The 4 Agreements, one of the four agreements is to try to be impeccable to your word(s). Choose wisely and be as flawless as possible. Notice, I say try, it is a work in progress as are most of behaviors etc.

    (I recommend this book to all, its a self-improvement, Toltec, book. It is easy reading and maybe 150 pages by John Ruiz).

    Positive words, actions are very powerful. Just a powerful, Negativity can be even more powerful in so many ways.

    Be open to the book, I have for 10 years and still not even close to where I’d like to be in my words, actions etc.

    Thought I would share. Ps: I bought Danny this book, perhaps you can borrow it. If not, I have a few here.


    • I love this book and just ordered three more copies to share. Read it several years back and it is simple in its message and profound at the same time! I liken guarding from negative influences as wearing a Teflon shield…rolls right off until we can seek safer, more positive ground. Happy Thanksgiving Roger!


      • Hit the nail on the head, Tawny.

        Simple but profound and a reminder of sorts, definite tool and can really challenge us daily.

        Cheapest copies and for the best of causes is

        I get all my books through Amazon from them. Pay quarter on the dollar.

        Here’s a promo code for 15% off.

        Happy Thanksgiving!


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