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Positive Experimentation


look when you see

I have decided to do an experiment this week.

No matter what the situation, no matter who the individual, I am going to find one positive thing about it/them first.

Seriously, first.  Not after I have already noticed quirks or potential red flags.  I am going to try to throw out a fair part of what I have already surmised about situations or people and start over.  Then I am going to share (out loud) what I see with the person or people involved in the situation at that moment.

In my experiment, I hypothesize that I will not only see more than one positive quality, but that I will inadvertently  be able to help the situation/individual build upon those strengths that I see.

To be quite honest, I do this a fair portion of the time anyway without really having to make an effort.  What makes my experiment different for this week is that it will be a conscious decision and one that makes me more aware of where I am focusing my energies when I am involved in a situation or with other humans.

Sometimes the quirks or negative traits or behaviors are the most obvious in our interactions.  Sometimes the problems not being addressed are more visible to us than those that are.  We often forget to point out what is good about whatever or whoever it is and I propose seeking that out and sharing it right away.

Every single human and every single situation has a positive somewhere within it—even if it is the thing we learned after the situation or after the interaction with the human.  So, maybe the question we ask even when we meet someone whose negative qualities jump into our faces is just that, “I wonder what I have to learn from meeting him/her?”

It is already a week where we are seeking out our blessings and sharing what we are grateful for, so this is me taking it one step further.  Anyone want to play along with my experiment?

Let me start now:  You are interested in doing things that better help you in your life or you wouldn’t be reading my blog.  Because you are reading my blog, I know that you are interested in making choices that will improve your life, so good for you!

It is day 23!  May as well have a scientific final seven days of the writing challenge.




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  1. Interesting experiment.. Good luck!


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