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My last post was about how to avoid becoming a Holiday Zombie.  I am not sure it was helpful, as I have seen my share of Holiday Zombies in my world in recent weeks.  The Zombies are nearly blank in expression, seeking to numb whatever feelings they may have about the holidays.  What is left of their expressions is simply a compulsion to get their hands on whatever they can to alleviate those feelings.

Only a handful or two of people in recent weeks appear to be motivated to do something differently to cope with those feelings that move them more towards wellness and health.  I hope to see more than a handful before we round out the entire holiday season.

It is unfortunate that choosing the Holiday Zombie route always has consequences that last far longer than the holiday season itself.  Zombies cannot see them.  Those who don’t understand Zombies don’t get that the Zombies cannot see the consequences.  I get it, but there is little I can say to effectively make a non-Zombie understand that.

The Holiday Zombies don’t have the awareness to understand that every behavior, whether during the holidays or not, have some consequence.  Having been a Holiday Zombie myself, I am trying to help them minimize the consequences.  But because Zombies in general don’t tend to be that cooperative, I wonder if I am making any headway.

It is fortunate that I am not a Holiday Zombie, so at least, I can model being an Un-Zombie.  Holidays no longer suck for me because I no longer choose to let them suck.  I intend to make the most with whichever family and friends I get to spend them with, honor those I do not get to spend them with in some small way, and move forward into the New Year.

I spent my holiday mostly at a homeless program 11 years ago, and my roommate and neighbors all made handmade presents for one another and made the best of what was not an ideal situation.  We found things tossed by the thrift store and made them into something fun and thoughtful for each other.

It might be one of my first positive memories of Christmas, and there would be many more after that as a result.  And that experience was not a happy time in my life by any stretch.  I was nearly a Zombie all the time back then.

Choices aren’t easy.  Choices to do something different in our life, or to shift our way of thinking about something are even more challenging.  If I could make a choice to be present and aware during the darkest time of my life, I am pretty sure that a Zombie can too if given the right encouragement.

How might you encourage a Holiday Zombie?  How might you help a Zombie out of the Zombie Zone long enough to encourage them?




Comments on: "Bringing Back the Holiday Zombie?" (2)

  1. Yes, I’m a Zombie. Not only a Zombie, but a depressed, disabled Zombie.
    Coming into the Holidays, my Zombiosus is magnified several times over, therefore becoming a depressed, disabled Uber-Zombie.
    Wanting to seek help, I went to my doctor to explain my disability, Zombie problems. She told me to not think of myself as disabled, but retired. Besides, you’ll fit right in here in the Great State of Zombiana where everybody retires. I said I would try.As I was leaving, I asked her where the department was that could give me directions to the road that could take me back to the place where I came from. She looked at me with curiosity and asked, why would you want to do that? I replied, I hate retirement.


  2. Tawny,
    Happy Holidays! Yes, I see the Holiday Zombies too. As a 12plus year recovering alcoholic, I know for sure any excuse at the Holidays is a Zombie’s best friend. The Zombies might as well not have ears because they don’t hear your bs (and that’s not personal, “you” could be anyone). Zombies don’t see the whole picture and you are so right that there are consequences for all Zombies in the near future.
    So you can try to help but you will probably just piss off the Zombies and it’s a tight wire act.

    Enjoy your Holidays, Tawny. The Zombies will do as they do. If Zombies need anything, trust me, they will find you (or not).


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